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Subject: Re: Diamond electron emitters
Date: Jul 13, 0:53 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 13, 0:53 am, Richard Hull wrote:

> There is a very short article at http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/RT1995/5000/5620k.htm about CsI doped diamond material which have a secondary electron emission co-efficient of 60 as opposed to 2-4 for most materials used in these applications. The article mentions they can get good current densities with 10-15 volts of power!! . I am not sure of the consequences for a fusor device but getting up to 30 times the electrons out of your device structures or only having to apply 15 volts to generate them looks pretty good! even though you'd still need a high electric field for the rest of the device to function.
>I'd appreciate any comments as to whether this stuff is even useable for a fusor device.


I am positive it would be just the ticket and readily beat out any other method.

I will now be facetious and flippant and state that I just know that 1 lb tins of Cesium Iodide doped diamond emitter material is available from any normal hardware store for 98 cents per tin.

Cutting edge stuff usually needs to be read as "bleeding edge" due to stratospheric pricing. Custom production, minimum quantity orders, etc.

A super adroit wheeler-dealer might actually succeed in cajoling some hapless salesperson at the source supplier into giving out a free "engineering sample", (Enough for one fusor.), with the carrot of immediate orders to follow should the material work out.

Hope springs eternal.

Good luck on this high tech approach.

Richard Hull