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Subject: Re: Diamond electron emitters
Date: Jul 13, 2:46 am
Poster: Ben Franchuk

On Jul 13, 2:46 am, Ben Franchuk wrote:

>I will now be facetious and flippant and state that I just know that 1 lb tins of Cesium Iodide doped diamond emitter material is available from any normal hardware store for 98 cents per tin.

Actualy Industyial diamonds are cheap.
Was not some old phonograph needles diamond.
But if you did get the stuff doped properly
the real problem is diamond is not something
that is easly joined or shaped,and has problem
of burning...
>Cutting edge stuff usually needs to be read as "bleeding edge" due to stratospheric pricing. Custom production, minimum quantity orders, etc.

So true, but even more so in the field of computer
chips... We can make a proto-type chip for $5,000
but make 500 for $100 each or $500,000 for 5,000 of them.
I was looking at FPGA chips on the web today.
Notice how chip makers all sell the latest chip
for $350+.

(Bring back vacum tubes and core memory - grin)
The real reason vacum tubes failed is nobody
developed a way of mass producing the electrode
structure in one envelope. Nanu-techology? may
solve that,but a tad late.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program...