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Subject: Re: Diamond electron emitters
Date: Jul 13, 8:02 am
Poster: John

On Jul 13, 8:02 am, John wrote:

The goal like always is the same, higher reaction rates. In this venue the majority of the people are amateurs and so probably have budget restrictions that will prevent them from using some of the high tech solution that the pros are currently trying.

An alternative to increase reaction rates for a low power fusor such as the once that we talk about in this board is to operate the fusor in a pre-ionized low energy plasma, this allows for a low energy device to instantaneously improve in reaction rates, because of the available ions for reactions.

A pre-ionizer is much more simple and should make a difference for fusors that are operating at less than 10^5 n/s.
It won't be a major improvement, but it should be noticeable.