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Subject: Re: More bad news for fusors
Date: Jul 17, 10:33 pm
Poster: John

On Jul 17, 10:33 pm, John wrote:

>On another subject. Do you think the QF type vacuum flanges will work on my SS fusor shell?
>I'm worried about the O-Rings outgassing and maybe getting to hot. The QF's are simpler to make and the O-Rings are cheaper to replace. I
>need flanges to join the two shell halves together and the prices for commercial flanges seem to be in excess of $200 for the 6 in. Id units. Any help based on your experience or judgement will be appreciated.
>Don Harris

A long time ago and I know that for a higher current device this is not a real option, because of the heat, but they did not have conflanges and so they used flat flanges with an O-ring made from a soft metal like solder.