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Subject: Re: More bad news for fusors
Date: Jul 18, 10:11 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 18, 10:11 am, Richard Hull wrote:

) In a **fully sheilded, operational** nuclear reactor, nearly all radiation can be recovered as usable energy. In a comercial reactor, even Bremsstrahlung radiation is recoverable as heat.


Clay has a nice point here.

As I mentioned before in an earlier post, and as Scott Little and I have discussed on occassion;
Put a water jacket around any fusor, even a simple one, and you can probably look at a 95%+ efficient device ein/eout. It is a great space heater. In theory all energy put into the fusor plus all additional fusion energy goes off as, or is reduced to, some form of heat ultimately. With a fully blanketed 10 foot sphere of borated water around a simple 6" fusor, (Neutron absorber) there is little theoretical reason not to expect overunity heating of the water with a COP of 1.000000000013. Naturally all of the power supplies and wiring would also have to be contained in the water blanket as well. (not very practical.)

Richard Hull