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Subject: Re: More bad news for fusors
Date: Jul 18, 10:17 am
Poster: Clay Codner

On Jul 18, 10:17 am, Clay Codner wrote:

...even if fusors can overcome all other losses, ion collisions, electron losses and so fourth there is an even larger loss mechanism that they may not be able to solve, and that is Bremsstrahlung losses....
A couple of points:
1) "Losses" in a fusor should not be an issue. We are not really trying to heat or confine the plasma, rather we are trying to collide the atoms together.
2) In a **fully sheilded, operational** nuclear reactor, nearly all radiation can be recovered as usable energy. In a comercial reactor, even Bremsstrahlung radiation is recoverable as heat.

I think that "losses" as it is being discussed here is more applicable to confinement schemes. It would be worthwhile, however to keep in the back of your mind if you ever move towards a fusor-confinement hybrid system.