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Date: Jul 19, 3:02 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 19, 3:02 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


The demand for the new tape is better than expected and a few of the old members on this list who no longer post much are obviously still listening as most of the orders have come from them. (there are a lot of lurkers.)

I have decided to give the old guys who had puchased tape # 1 a $5.00 discount on tape #2. I have already refunded a couple of old boys $5.00 who sent in the full $25.00. So if you purchased tape #1, your price is $20.00.

Likewise, a few new guys who never had #1 are ordering #2. You are missing out on the theory, history and thrill of the newness of it all captured on tape #1. SO.....Anyone who wants both tapes #1 and #2 as a set, you can have them for $45.00.

Singlely ordered tapes remain $25.00. (Other than for the oldboys discount on #2 mentioned above.)

I hope this helps those who were on the fence or who would like a break on the price of both.

Details on both tapes are given in the original posting of July 9th, a week ago.

Yes, a third tape is planned, but like #2, might be a year and a half or more in the making. Gotta' get Fusor IV up and working and maybe fusor V in the works before Tape #3 is more than a dream.

Richard Hull