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Subject: Re: Idea - Cheap Pressure Gauge
Date: Jul 20, 3:18 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 20, 3:18 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

The piezeo device is not a continuously outputing device in that it only senses or has an output voltage with active changes and will not put out any voltage under simple static stress. So when you read a pumped down, stable chamber, the voltage output of the device would be zero. Of course a form auto resetting DC follower and integration circuit might be made up provided one could warrant both repeatability and low hysteresis in the sensor device.

Sounds not so hassle free to me.

The capacitive manometer is a form of flexed diaphram but reads continuously at all states as it changes the oscillation frequency in an oscillator and then undergoes freq to voltage conversion. Also complicated, but highly repeatable and one pays $1000.00 for the gauge without readout! Readouts are a ripoff, as they are just crummy 0-10 volt DC meters)

Richard Hull