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Subject: Fusor video tape
Date: Jan 07, 4:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 07, 4:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


I hope this is proper and apropriate for this board. I have had a number of requests for my recent tape on the Fusor. I have to re-write this over and over so here is the one straight story with info.

I have produced a 2 hour long VHS video tape in standard US, NTSC format. (US, Canada and Japan experimenters can view as is). it is entitled... "Fusor!- an introduction".

It is made up of three sections.
1. fusor history (based on my own personal interviews with the Farnsworth group members.)

2. Basic fusor theory (abreviated, but sufficient)

3. About 50 minutes of looking over my shoulder as I work with my first and second fusor with some interesting electrostatic and magnet experiments. A great live interview with Tom Ligon, Dr. Robert Bussard's "lab rat" will bring a lot of information to the beginner from a guy who builds Bussard's fusor's for a living!

This is a tape of what I call concept demonstration fusors (air filled). This is where all must start. You must obtain "star mode" of operation in 8 micron vacuums of air before throwing away valuable deuterium gas. This is not a construction specific video. However, any good amateur scientist or old hand experimenter can build from sight using this tape. Lots of details are given and tips explained. Also, a list of sources and references is given near the end of the tape.

There is no detailed plans, and no bill of materials given, but again, anyone can pick up on what they need by seeing the real stuff closeup and in action.

There are poissors, star mode rays, magnetic ion boosting shots, etc. The beauty of the device is its incredible simplicity!

Price $25.00 sent out postpaid via priority mail in the US and Canada only!

Additional $5.00 postage will be required for foriegn orders. I have no PAL (european format) tapes available. Sorry, you'll have to have them converted in your own country.

All checks and money orders payable to:

Richard Hull
7103 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23228