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Subject: Re: Neutron counters
Date: Jul 21, 8:48 am
Poster: Mark Harriss

On Jul 21, 8:48 am, Mark Harriss wrote:

>Those who are really serious about fusion and hands on work WILL face these issues! you WILL need to readup and start looking for something to count with. My original indium detector idea is just a distant memory but might be usable to a limited degree at 10e7n/sec in the future.
>Always thinking, doing, and trying to share the data. (often hard won)
>Richard Hull

Hi All, Here in Australia any sort of surplus instrumentation is almost nonexistent...heck we only have one reactor and thats mainly for medical isotopes. Richard, would i get anywhere with a scintillator crystal window and a photomultiplier tube driving a meter?. I have even heard of scintillator liquids but i don't think for fast neutron detection. I thought it would be a relatively simple device but how efficient are those types of detectors???.

Mark Harriss