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Subject: Tritium - Moot point
Date: Jul 21, 10:44 am

On Jul 21, 10:44 am, wrote:

A lot of stuff has, is, and probably will continue to fly back and forth on this list about obtaining tritium, its price, and our actually producing it to enhance the reaction.

Most of the old calcs were shown in older posts by myself and others. (Jim Lux is always right on!)

Bottom line...... We cannot breed our own tritium to any level that would affect the simple fusor operation under any circumstance! We cannot purchase tritium as a product regardless of our cash reserves. (License needed. Try and get one for home use).

The breeding idea sounds nice, but is, in effect, impossible for honest and practical amateur purposes.

My whole post was just a metrology thought experiment and as a cross check against neutron counter results. It was offered as a possible ultra cheap way of getting a low budget handle on just how much fusion we actually do. It would be of interest to folks with no neutron counter, no chance of getting one, and no hopes of building one.

The discussion of the reality of fusion rates beyond 10e6 or 10e7 neutrons/sec await better fusor construction. Smooth operation of the device is not the norm.

Richard Hull