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Subject: Re: Tritium - Moot point
Date: Jul 25, 4:44 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 25, 4:44 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>>The discussion of the reality of fusion rates beyond 10e6 or 10e7 neutrons/sec await better fusor construction. Smooth operation of the device is not the norm.
>>Richard Hull
>The dream still eludes....*sigh*
Clay and others,

I hope you take my counsel then weigh and consider. (as Bacon counseled)

Yes, I am doing stuff others haven't done on this boeard, and as a hard bitten old fart of an engineer, may be too much of a realist, but hopefully, never a naysayer. My greatest hope is that some yo-yo will do something to prove me wrong. (it's been done many times in my 54 years). I am ready for another shot of humility.


Richard Hull