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Subject: Re: Fuel Costs and economics
Date: Jul 25, 5:36 pm
Poster: Ben Franchuk

On Jul 25, 5:36 pm, Ben Franchuk wrote:

>To do over unity fusion is just a micro step in the process to getting the power of fusion powering up the kitchen toaster.

Fusor powered toster... I like that
Idea. Is it patented?

>I am an immediate fission proponent as many have gathered from past posts. We can do it now in calm or later in haste, but I predict we will do it! (re-vitalize fission power plant construction)

With the fusor as neutron source, I like
the idea of bombarding materials to become radio
active (a short halflife, less than 1 year) and
use that as heat source for a regular power
plant. The problem with fission is the
long half life and the materials make great

>Fusion just won't be there when we need it 20 years from now, I predict. Especially if our old tattered, worn out and multi-punched fusion dance cards and moonlit promises by prior fusioneers are any indicator.

The only thing more warn out is EASY space access
from NASA.
>Richard Hull