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Date: Jul 31, 11:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 31, 11:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Sorry, I messed up in the original post and stated that both fusor videos were $25.00. Most of you knew that was $25.00 EACH. Plus, they were again listed in the supplied index to the tapes at $25.00 each beside each tape title.

The second post (package deal) sort of cleared this up with the deal offer of $45.00 for both tapes. I have had a couple of $25.00 checks show up for both tapes as a set.

This post is to clarify that the fusor videos are:
1. $25.00 EACH ordered singly
2. $45.00 for both ordered as a set.
3. $20.00 for fusor tape #2 to those who have #1

I gotta' be clearer in future posts. Again, sorry for any confusion.

Richard Hull