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Date: Aug 01, 1:18 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 01, 1:18 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Is the same prices for Canada, $25 $45 $20 US?

Yes, Those are US funds. There is no additional postage required for Canada or Mexico. All other contries are considered a foriegn order. (as per the first posting). RH

>PS We all are really waiting for the FUSOR Kit.:)
>While on the topic of far fetched ideas, could
>one make a demo fusor in the envolope of a
>Large radio tube ( the kind with the lead out
>on top) and build it the style of the early
>radios. Open with a wooden base and front panel.

Fusor II, (seen in the first fusor tape), was like this. (used a bell jar mounted on a finished wooden cabinet with shellaced wooden panel.) An old radio tube might be a bit small (even the big ones) and require a micro miniature inner grid to be constructed, but it could certainly be done.

Richard Hull