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Subject: Re: Lightning
Date: Aug 02, 8:33 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 02, 8:33 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I was just curious--what would happen if lightning struck a fusor? (Assuming that the grids didn't melt).


Lightning probably wouldn't do anything if it hit a fusor, other than blow the power supply and all instrumentation. The fusor is a virtually perfect shielded vessel, so what is on the inside is electrically impervious to what's on the outside.

Some leakage currents could enter via wiring, but most of the current would be busy reaching ground via the easy paths through all of your expensive supplies and instrumentation. Remember ALL FUSOR SHELLS MUST BE AT GROUND POTENTIAL! Failure to adhere to this is suicide.

I was wondering why you asked?

Certainly there is no explosion hazzard as the D2/air mix in a fuswor is not explosive. If it were, I would have been blown up years ago. Ligthing wouldn't produce a burst of fusion either except in the fusing wires of your instruments and supply.

Richard Hull