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Subject: Theory
Date: Aug 07, 7:53 pm
Poster: ???

On Aug 07, 7:53 pm, ??? wrote:

While there are some people in this board that are either attempting or have made fusors, there is a much larger group that would like to make a fusor, but find it to difficult of a project just to make a fancy light bulb.

A very simple minimal vacuum device made out of plastic like Richard's first device would probably satisfy most amateurs in this board.

I have posted in the past some of the greater obstacle that the fusors have to overcome to break even. A device like the classical fusor can't break even or even come close, because it has major fundamental obstacles.
When someone gets the correct combination to the fusion problem it will be simple and its going want to break even, unlike the current fusors which starts out wanting to do fusion and then stumbles upon itself.

When it comes to fusion the single largest obstacle are the people that research it. Scientist are taught to doubt not to believe, if you used the philosophy (and it is a philosophy) of science to run the world you would never get anywhere fast.

Engineers on the other hand for the most part, balance there skepticism with a simple philosophy of "If it works use it and figure it out later," this is a big giant no no for scientist.

I will guaranty you that everyone that says that net power fusion is impossible will be proven wrong at some time just like all other people who have preceded them that said that breaking the sound barrier was impossible or flying.

A word of warning to both Miley and Bussard, look at were you started and look at the complexity of the machines you are currently making, "He who forgets history is condemn to repeat it." Oh yes and I know you both and Daimler and the rest of the pros read this board for inspiration and information, (that is also a fact).

Most of you don't know, but while Tokamaks are viewed as large complex machines, when the first once were made, they were not much bigger than the fusors of today, that is a fact.

I'm posting this because, I believe that posting theories about how to break even with a fusor is OK and I will argue with anyone that thinks it is not OK.

So, I fired the first shot. Feel free to shoot back.