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Subject: Re: Non-Thermonuclear neutrons-
Date: Aug 09, 4:48 pm
Poster: Jones Beene

On Aug 09, 4:48 pm, Jones Beene wrote:

Richard, Are you refering to "splitting" or to "stripping"?

We had some discussion last year or earlier on the implications of stripping, the resonant separation of a neutron from the nucleus, possibly using NMR and other techniques, but I believe (at that time at least) that you did not agree that any non-thermonuclear techniques were feasible.

Also, There is some literature from the 80's in my files titled 'Stress induced fusion'. In 1986, before P&F, a variety of cold fusion was reported in LiD crystals - These crystals when sharply struck were reported to eject neutrons. This work has yet to be confirmed (so far as I have been able to ascertain). Other CF researchers later showed that shock treatment of titanium or palladium deuterated metals also produced neutrons.

See -Derjaguin et al. LiD crystals struck giving rise to MeV neutrons emitted (shock destruction)
1. Derjaguin, B. V. et al. Sov. Colloid J. 48, 12 (1986).
2. Kluyev, V. A. et al. Sov. J. tech. Phys. Lett. 12, 1333 (1986).
-neutrons due to electrostatic accelerations of d+ in the cracks of the
crystal.[Cohen, J. S. & Davies, J. D. Nature 338, 705-706 (1989).]

As you well know, the main problem with any of these studies is the vaguaries of detection. Low energy neutrons are difficult enough to detect in large quantities, much more difficult in small.

BTW, I have more info on "stripping" if that is what you are pursuing.