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Subject: Re: Non-Thermonuclear neutrons-
Date: Aug 10, 0:17 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 10, 0:17 am, Richard Hull wrote:

> Hi Richard, would it be possible to throttle down a fusor below X-ray emission levels, then using a glass porthole take a spectroscope reading and see if any helium lines show up on the spectroscope?.

A spectroscope unless fitted with an ultra narrow slit and a high ruled grating counldn't separate the fine lines due to crowding. Tom Ligon had to order his Ocean optics setup for the Hbeta line and the total area he could see really was high res, but his bandwidth was reduced to nothing. The instrument couldn't be used for normal spectoscopic work. Plus the lines of the nuclear ash would be incredibly weak and probably not seen any way.

The RGA is much better due to its quadrapole sniffing out delicate mass numbers in infintesimally small amounts.

Richard Hull