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Subject: Re: Non-Thermonuclear neutrons-
Date: Aug 10, 6:24 am
Poster: John

On Aug 10, 6:24 am, John wrote:

I know that there is one kind of abandoned fusion scheme that was notorious for splitting Deuterium atoms apart and this is not speculation it was a serious problem for those researchers.

In there device the confinement scheme could easily cause shearing forces against the atoms as a result of the strength of the confinement method, this caused splitting of the deuterium prior to there fusion.

As for cold fusion, they can see similar splitting, but under different conditions. In the early 1900-1920's chemist and amateurs were reporting splitting of relatively small atoms especially Chlorine with the kind of voltages that fusors operate with.

It's not a new phenomenon its just an old phenomenon that got over shadowed by other more important phenomenon such as heavy atom fission. Dr. Chang K. Choi at Purdue University was one of the evaluators of the Flashman and Ponds cold fusion cell and he concluded that they were not doing cold fusion, but one of these chemical phenomenons discovered around the turn of the century.