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Subject: Re:
Date: Aug 10, 11:49 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 10, 11:49 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

Thanks for a superb and obviously well though out posting on stripping. I have printed out this post for my notebook. RH


This doesn’t help, because if you are measuring neuts at 1 MeV then either side can claim them. Miley would say they have partially thermalized from 2.5.


This is indeed true. It is rather tough to really separate 1mev neuts from 2.45mv neuts with even half way decent equipment in a low flux field.

>Miley states that it is stripping which has the “low cross section” (ie reaction probably) compared to D-D at these energies! He also feels that stripping would also give an entirely different neutron energy spectrum. “In our case we ckecked neutron energies and scaling with voltage - both of which agree with D-D fusion. “
>However, in followup, it was later determined that Miley did not, in fact , even look for thermal neutrons and has no capability for doing so, but only that the high energy neutrons he found did scale with voltage.


The last sentence above is a stunning statement! A lose, plain, naked, BF3 tube is a very efficient detector of ONLY thermal neutrons. You have to put up a parafin or PE wall to thermalize 1-5mev fast neuts to even get the BF3 to count! If miley uses any BF3 counters, and I assume he does, thermal counting would be a snap!!! Fast neuts in a BF3 tube have a nearly zero cross section whereas true thermals have thousands of barns cross section!

Thanks again for a well done post on the subject. We will still have to pick and choose our outcome, but at least it is from a better platform.

Richard Hull