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Subject: More on Mass Spec Analysis
Date: Aug 23, 1:57 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Aug 23, 1:57 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

Thought a new thread should be started...
Regarding using magnetic deflection methods to detect fusion reactants... would like to explore a point made by Jim Lux ... namely how to get the gas species into the mass spec for analysis. Usually, mass spectrometers are positioned with respect to the vacuum pump(s) so that the gas stream flows past the ionizing chamber. Was wondering how this could be accomplished in an operating fusor.

Perhaps Richard could comment about the pump locations and whether a port for a mass spec would be practical in this area. Was also thinking about the constituents of the fusor "star" rays that are seen. These should be relatively high in concentration of fusion reactants. Could some type of deflection or sampling method be positioned near the apex of the ray. Since some appear to impinge on the Fusor outer shell, a sampling port located there would be a good place to put the MS...I am rashly ignoring all sort of practical issues such as magnetic shielding and etc., ...assuming they can be worked out Comments?

Dave Cooper