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Subject: Re: New Vacuum Chamber
Date: Aug 31, 9:55 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Aug 31, 9:55 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>I am interested in fitting a magnetron from a microwave oven into the fusor

As an electron or ion gun, or to excite resonance in the plasmoid? I suppose you mean as an electron gun.

> and would like to hear any practical advice on the subject like suitable aiming angles,

I would look into an EM simulation of the cavity. I don't think you'll 'aim' 2.4 GHz as much as vibrate electrons in the cavity and grids, and spew plasma all over the place :^)

>Rf protection for the grid supplies (rf blocking inductors?)

I'll bet HV feedthrough would have plenty of capacitance, and permanent magnets would just soak up a lot of the rest. Put a magnet in your microwave and watch it glow red hot.

> and whether it will have any effect as it is tuned for water frequencies not Hydrogen frequencies.

Molecular rotation frequencies are much higher. You may get lucky and excite a caviton mode. In fact I would try to do just that, placing patch resonators or resonant grids, and see if I could chirp the mode, blowing a caviton bubble and poping it to create an intense wave-collapse particle jet 8^)

>Also a simple way of measuring approximate SWR into the chamber would be nice too

Use a 1/4 wave matching waveguide, with a couple holes at each end with diode detectors to measure VSWR. Form the waveguide by bending 2 identical 'U' shaped troughs and stacking them, so the seem is at the maximum voltage (and impedance).