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Subject: Hello Everybody.... howzit?
Date: Sep 02, 11:46 am
Poster: The Perfesser

On Sep 02, 11:46 am, The Perfesser wrote:

Long time no see...really.

The past few months have been very, umm, "challenging" (insert the euphemism of your choice) for me. I sold the business "songs.com" at the end of last year to an entertainment and media company in Nashville called Gaylord Entertainment. The company is not very well known outside of Nashville, but most people are familiar with one of their flagship properties - an institution called "The Grand Ole Opry."

Once we'd sold the business, I went to work for the company - which is to say, I started going to meetings. And more meetings. That's all I do any more. I go to meetings, and read/answer e-mail in the time between meetings.

Since this is a public message board now being hosted by Gaylord, I don't want go into to many details about my new corporate reality. But I have been thinking some about what "the new new thing" in my personal and professional lives might be, and I started thinking about the profound (though vicarious) influence that Philo T. Farnsworth has had on my life and my manner of thinking, and then recalled the fusion message board and thought it was time to check in.

I'm very pleased to see the board still very active and thank Richard Hull and the other regular contributors for that. I can see the board needs some tending to... there was some talk of an archive a while back and, though the archive was formed, I never got it together to clean off the old messages. I'll look into that next week.

Anyway, as I contemplate the next chapter in my own life, I think I'll start paying more attention to this board. I want to try to grasp the depth and breadth of the work that is going on out there, even though I'm no a physicist or engineer. And the world is SOooo different now than it was when PTF was alive, I think it's time we had fusion at our disposal. I'm wondering how I can really help.

The extent of my thinking at the moment is, I want to get back out on the frontier, see what's going on, and report in. I don't know how one goes about finding a job as "futurist" but I think I'm going to start looking in that direction. If anybody knows of any openings, please e-mail me...

In the meantime, again, my thanks to all you who post to this board. I'm looking forward to getting caught up.