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Subject: Re: Hello Everybody.... howzit?
Date: Sep 03, 11:35 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 03, 11:35 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Again, I have said it before, this board is a rare gift. A place for folks to gather and talk fusion shop at any level, but remains mostly amateur doers and thinkers. I think Phil would have beamed over the synergism found here and certainly applauded the effort to keep his fusion dream and fusor alive in a world filled with billion dollar debacles and other goevernment ill-managed boon doggles. He seemed to be able to make a buck really work for him and seemingly never overspent on projects, keeping them rather lean and preferred a tight knit team of only a few people with whom he was totally intimate. In exchange for their loyalty, he allowed them full and free reign to not just be part of a team but at times lead, focus and re-vitalize the group with the seeds of their own ideas.

Sometimes Phil gets seemingly pushed into the background in our discussions, but I still try and fullfill the spirit of his work by mixing the hands-on imperative with the thought and dreaming process. I have tried to openly share what I have learned and assist others as best I can.

In this sense, Phil is alive and well in the hearts of most of the folks on this BBS.

Thanks perfesser for your input and support of this effort.

Richard Hull