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Subject: Current list of fusioneers
Date: Sep 07, 11:09 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 07, 11:09 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Anyone missing from this list who should be on it?
contact me. Hullr@whitlock.com

Known active Amateur fusioneers and aspirants who

1.Assembling parts:

Ely Silk
Don Estes
Scott Stephens
Jim Lux
Jochen Kronjaeger
Richard Hester
Clay Codner
Don Harris

2. Operating a Demo fusor (using air or other gases):

Joshua Resnick
Ed Wingate
Tom Ligon
Marcus Kolb
Gerald Morris

3. Operating a real neutron producing fusor (normally d-d fusion) "The Neutron Club"

Richard Hull
Scott Little
Joe Zambelli