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Subject: Farnsworth's Lost Patent
Date: Jan 07, 8:21 pm
Poster: Bruce A. Perreault

On Jan 07, 8:21 pm, Bruce A. Perreault wrote:

No disrespect intended, I have a third Fuser Patent. This patent is not referenced in the
book "Distant Vision." This patent appears to
contain Farnsworth's final work, for which he
is given no credit for except for his two referenced Fuser patents. It is clearly Farnsworth's work and one of his associates has taken credit for it. It appears that this patent has been "shelved." I wish to reveal this patent number in memory of Mr. Farnsworth after a respectful response from my peers in this forum.

I would like to add that this new website is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Richard Hull for your dedication to this area of research.