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Subject: FS Books on nuclear physics
Date: Sep 17, 2:42 pm
Poster: Terry Wyss

On Sep 17, 2:42 pm, Terry Wyss wrote:

I applaud the efforts going on by the members of
this group. Yesterday I was at Los Alamos and happened onto some books that I thought might interest someone here. I have nine books for sale, all published by the American Institute of Physics and are AIP Conference Proceedings. No dustcovers. One is titled Cyclotrons-1972 and is 835 pages. It is in very good condition. The other books have to do with high energy physics with polarized beams, targets and ion sources and other polarization phenomena and are from the late 70's to early 80's. There are 7 books plus two additional duplicates, and all are in excellent shape with the exception of some having bumped corners. No highlighting or underlining. All have two red stars or parts of stars on the page edges, and several have a name stamped on page edges. They average 400+ pages each. I would like $90 for all + shipping or if that is unreasonable, tell me why and make an offer on the group. tlwyss@laplaza.org