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Subject: Busy times
Date: Sep 19, 9:26 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 19, 9:26 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Well, I finally got back to the list. I have been readying for the yearly conclave here in Richmond at the lab for the High Energy Physics gathering and flea market in late September. I have also been out of town on business. My house is in turmoil due to massive contractor work on several rooms and am living out of a cardboard box, virtually, in my own home! What a Zoo!

I notice no one commented on the Zambelli fusor effort. I figure it so stunned everyone that they were speechless. I hope it was not "Ho Hum.... another fusor... big deal...."

It is a big deal of course. It verifies and validates what Scott Little and I have seen.

You can plan on this for a simple fusor.

1. Operating pressure for D2 - Approx 10-14mTorr.
2. Voltage threshold for fusion - Approx 12-15kv
3. Operating currents - 8-15ma
4. Yeilds scale with current after about 20kv
5. Cross section improvement with voltage above 20kv is marginal. Current drives the device.
6. Limit on simple fusor is about 10e5 neuts/sec with 10e4/sec a snap to achieve. Most runs are in the 70k neuts/sec range.

This is the result of hands on work and not calculations.

Richrd Hull