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Subject: Re: Breakeven
Date: Nov 23, 06:38 am
Poster: Joshua Resnick

On Nov 23, 06:38 am, Joshua Resnick wrote:

>I had an opportunity last year to visit Los Alamos labs (about ion beam deposition stuff) and met with people who have previously worked in fusion. They tell me that the Farnsworth fusor can do fusion, but not anywhere near enough to achieve breakeven. They say its a very good way to generate neutrons, however. Does anyone on this board think that breakeven can be achieved with the fusor or a derivative of the fusor? Please let me know on this.

Unless some of us get very creative or lucky, grid losses will plauge the efficiency of Fusor's for years to come. However, I am personally hopeful that the future will hold some unseen development leading to a break even reaction.