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Subject: Re: Vacuum plasma windows and microwave accelerators
Date: Sep 20, 2:40 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 20, 2:40 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>You'll probably want to leave it in the closet... TWTs are notoriously difficult to adjust..

That is the understatement of the year!!!!! RH

It also might be a cavity TWT and not a helix TWT. If you look at it there are probably lots of little pieces of magnets stuck to the tube, unless it is a solenoidal focussing type. I can think of a LOT of better things to spend your time on than trying to retrofit or modify a Ku-band TWT.


Again...Right on brother! I had several of those @$#%^@&* things and after taking a few of the jokers apart and seeing the myriad of delicately and micro positioned little magnet chunks, my heart went out to the poor bastard stuck at the bench originally farting with those things to align them one by one and just so-so. TWTs are outrageously expensive up front and as surplus they are most certainly screwed up in some fashion.

Good luck to all TWT tweeker aspiratants. You are a better man than I, Gunga Den.

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Richard Hull

P.S. I aced my two microwave courses in college way back when. (Honestly) However I chose my health and mental well being over a future in the black art upon graduation. My Instructor, I believe later committed suicide by plunging a piece of hard line into his brain via his eye.