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Subject: Re: Vacuum plasma windows and microwave accelerators
Date: Sep 21, 6:25 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Sep 21, 6:25 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

>The helical traveling wave pump tube idea is interesting, but best left to someone normally involved with microwaves and TWTs.

If I had the equipment and a confident feeling about modeling the plasma, I would consider phasing static cyclotron-electron resonances to accelerate ions. That is, keeping the elecrons in fixed orbits at microwave frequencies while creating a traveling wave for cyclotron-resonant ions. But any 'ol high current pulse would cause a longitudinal magnetic force that could evacuate a channel, and hopefully not damage the fusor.

And if the traveling wave structure could be made coaxial like a Marshall or Plasma Gun, it could shoot out ion-vortex plasma bullets. Halloweens comming up and I still haven't made a vortex pumkin smasher.