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Subject: Re: Fusor for Blacklightpower process
Date: Sep 21, 8:42 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 21, 8:42 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Has anyone tried using the fusor to contain catalytic ions for the Blacklightpower process?

I have been closely following Randall Mills work on the Hydrino for a few years and am highly intrigued by his concept. I am a list member of the Egroups Hydrino list serv.

I really don't see the connection with the fusor effort and Mills work, although I have not thought of it in the light in which you spoke.

The hydrino and its formation is a totally chemical and therefore totally electronic process. I don't see how it links into a fusion process which is nuclear. The energy ranges are way out of line. ev vs mev.

Richard Hull