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Subject: Re: Yet another fusor attempt
Date: Sep 21, 3:03 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Sep 21, 3:03 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>The anode will be the only "hot" electrode. Power is designed to come from a chain of doublers and microwave-oven transformer, providing up to (my guess) about 60 kV max. I suspect that this supply cannot support a high continuous current, but will instead make pulses every AC cycle that will develop the necessary voltages for fusion. *IF anyone knows where to get a cheap x-ray transformer, let me know!!*

If you are using electrodes that are insulated from the vacuum vessel, then you only need to hold off 30-40 kV. Your power supply would be centertapped like most Xray machines, which are +/- 70 kV or so.

I wouldn't fool with microwave oven transformers or the like... How much current do you really need? Aside from a surplus Xray unit (the best solution, probably), you might do better with some 15 kV neon sign transformers ($80 new) and some 15 kV isolation transformers ($50 used), which will give you 45 kVRMS, and near to 60 kV rectified and filtered. Add another NST and a pair of isolation transformers, and you're up to 80 kV.

However, unless you scrounge the transformers, by this time, you're at around $500 in transformers, as well as significant bulk and weight, and you'd be better off just buying the right HV transformer from any of a variety of sources.