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Subject: Re: Fusor for Blacklightpower process
Date: Sep 22, 3:35 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Sep 22, 3:35 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>I read your egroup message 907 Hydrinos and Anomalous Energy. One would think that effects of hydrino interaction in chemistry and physics would have been noticed previously, even if an explaination for anomalous energy was not at the times formed.

Yep. Obviously if hydrinos are for real, the reactions are hard to initiate. Otherwise uncolapsed hydrogen and water wouldn't be so plentiful in solar systems.

>This is off topic for this message board. To finish up I agree someone should try a fusor with catalytic ions in it and experiment. Regards, R. Mockan.

I don't see why it is that far off topic. Mills in his book (which is available in pdf form on his website) mentions the Mossbauer effect, and his theory provides an explanation for deuteron 'stripping'.

In the past I suggested and posted websites for plasma ion-crystal confinement in a fusor, which could be used in gamma-ray laser and metastable nuclear isotope applications.