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Subject: Re: Electro-weak theory extension?
Date: Sep 25, 2:34 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 25, 2:34 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>>>Just finished reading much of the postings going back months. The only message board to discuss amateur experimental *real* fusion reactors I have seen. I found some subjects I sure would like to know more about- maybe you people might know about more references. First off, what JB wrote above Aug 11. I came across a patent awhile back that I presumed was nonsense so put it aside. It concerned increasing the decay rate of radioactive isotopes by exposing them for extended time to high voltage gradients. Allegedly the experimenter
>>>reduced the radioactivity of thorium in a few days that ordinarily would take many years given its half-life. So my question is does anyone know a reference about the electro-weak theory extensions having to do with augmenting decay that JB mentioned? Tried reaching the patent holder but no luck on that. It sounds like LENT (from the "cold fusion" field) but specifically mentions using the Van de Graf generator to provide the voltage gradient to samples placed about the charge accumulator. I hate to think I discarded the patent idea if there really is some truth


Some of you folks might be interested to Know that George Miley was actually scheduled to receive a few megabucks of Govt. funding for serious LENT investigations, but with a heavy lobby against such work from Park and other annointeds, had the money taken away before the project got underway. Again the money WAS allocated, but pulled due to scientific politics. Only time will tell whether it was a wise move based on firm scientific objections or whether the priesthood once again put heretical thinkers under house arrest.

I believe the LENT studies Miley was involved with were metallic site reaction studies (AKA cold fusion surface lattice reactions) similar to those confirmed by Dr. Bockris (Texas A&M). They did not involve high potentials, but were more electrochemical in nature.

I keep a very open mind on this field which is probably an emergent technology. (long before it is a science.) It has happened before.

Attempts to explain the results are still just pie in the sky guesswork, while the free flowing objections are based on science's holy scripture. Objections to the objections are viewed as pure heresy.

Richard Hull