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Subject: Re: Electro-weak theory extension?
Date: Sep 25, 3:28 pm
Poster: Jones Beene

On Sep 25, 3:28 pm, Jones Beene wrote:

I have done a good bit of research and experimentation into accelerated decay of radioactive minerals in the past several years. In fact, my interest in the Fusor is an outgrowth of that work.

Since it is pretty far off topic here, if anyone wants to recieve a pretty large file related to accelerated decay and to my partailly successful replication of the Barker patents, with some comments on electro-weak implications, then send me your email address and I will forward it ASAP (default format: an attachment in MS Word).

PS The original document is now on my Mac, which I am in the process of converting to Word for Windows as I had to reluctantly get a Windows machine to use DSL in my area. Its all a little confusing right now so I would prefer to send the file in Windows 5 Mac format - as most Mac and PCs with Word can open it. If you need it in something else, make a request and give me some time. I think it will be about 300k in length.