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Subject: Re: Deuterium Tritium
Date: Sep 25, 10:01 pm
Poster: Carl Willis

On Sep 25, 10:01 pm, Carl Willis wrote:

>I am working on a Fusor project and would like to locate a source of Deuterium. Where could I get some?
>Also, How can I locate a Neutron Detector of some sort.

I recently ordered deuterium in the UHP (99.5%) grade from Spectra Gases (they're on the web; just search for their name), for which they quoted me $139.00 + S/H. This was for 50 standard liters in a lecture bottle at 1800 psig and should be more than most of our fusors will ever use. "Rebecca" at Spectra said that they would refill a lecture bottle if returned to them, but this is contrary to what most gas places do.

Note that you will get about $25 in HAZMAT shipping fees (compressed flammable gas)! Much of the price you pay is for the bottle, the gas is actually not all that expensive.

My brief experience looking for a fast neutron detector have shown me that these are few and far between- and terribly expensive new. My advice- get lucky!