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Subject: Re: Parts ideas...comments please!
Date: Sep 26, 9:26 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 26, 9:26 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>The thought of hogging out about 8" of stainless is just a little daunting,but you could do it.
>Getting a local machine shop's help here could be the best alternative.
>Dave Cooper.


I checked several shops on the above idea in my area for the 12" rings I needed. The largest stock they could obtain was 1" thick 304 plate and they would have to cut that thick a piece with a machining operation.

(most shops would normally Plasma cut the hole and finish on a machine but a 1" thick SS cut was beyond all the shops plasma capabilities.)

Duniway sells the 12" conflats 1.25" thick for $276.00 each. they have 24 holes for screws. They have the beautiful knofe edge seal so famous on the conflats.

The shops were all quoting on 1 inch thick, 12" rings, but with NO knife edge sealing lip. and only 12 holes bored for screws. I would have to seal with expensive indium rope. The prices each were:

Shop #1 350.00 each
Shop #2 405.00 each
shop #3 290.00 each

The result is obvious. BUY THE RIGHT STUFF!

Before you machine or do anything, figure it six ways from Sunday. I got by OK on my small 8" rings due to the low priced, high pressure flanges at a scrap yard. Dollars out of pocket looked good, but I spent an entire christmas season hogging out metal. If you think your time is cheap or have no real life to live, you can do your own work, but always..... THAT IS 100% OF THE TIME.... You will be working far below the minimum wage when comparing against the cost of the real item from a supplier of such things or getting a surplus item.

I had fun bullheading fusor III into existance. I was proud of the effort, but will never travel that path again. Yes, I will weld and yes, I will machine minor items or modify major ones, but removing 90% of the material from a block of stainless is not the way to go unless you do it all the time or are set up to do it rapidly with large and powerful machines.

One off jobs at machine shops is the most expensive path on the planet due to tremendous labor costs.

Richard Hull

Richard Hull

Shop #1