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Subject: Re: Parts ideas. (welding,machining)
Date: Sep 26, 12:35 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Sep 26, 12:35 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>>The thought of hogging out about 8" of stainless is just a little daunting,but you could do it.
>>Getting a local machine shop's help here could be the best alternative.
>>Dave Cooper.
>One off jobs at machine shops is the most expensive path on the planet due to tremendous labor costs.
>Richard Hull

A resource for one-off machining and fabrication work is the guys who work on race cars and bikes. They are used to working off "napkin sketches", almost always use TIG welding (although the He leak test is unlikely..), and can usually offer useful suggestions. Some of them have full time machinist jobs, and do their race work on the side (using the big machine at work on off-hours for the proverbial "G-Job"). A little time spent in the pits at the local race track might be well spent.