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Subject: Re: Hybird nuclear raector
Date: Sep 26, 10:39 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Sep 26, 10:39 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>Specifically what I have in mind is the use of a farnsworth fusor to produce sufficient neutron output to radiate an enriched Uranium blanket.
Check the older postings on this board.. there was some discussion about this.. Actually, you can use the fast neutrons directly, without thermalizing, to fission U238, as is done in most thermonuclear warheads. For a fairly good intro to this sort of physics, the High Energy Weapons FAQ is a good start. Find it at http://www.fas.org/.

>I estimate that with an out put in the 10>15 neutrons per second range,

1E15 n/sec is many, many orders of magnitude greater than anybody has done in a fusor (or is likely to.) 1E6 is doing great..

>Such a power plant could be quite small to power a car ar aircraft and of course inherently safe from problems of melt down. Of course there would still be radioactive waste to deal with but there always is.

Shielding??? At 20 kW, the neutron flux from the fission is going to be mighty impressive. This is the kind of power that early natural uranium reactors running with graphite moderators. I think the TRIGA reactors run at this kind of average power (although the peaks are much higher in a TRIGA).

>My thinking is that this increased efficiency in development of the farnsworth fusor would then make it economical and at that point which would generate the revenue needed to allow this technology to progress.
>All comments and constructive criticism welcome.
>aka Big Al