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Subject: Re: Hybird nuclear raector
Date: Sep 27, 10:35 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Sep 27, 10:35 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

>I would like to entertain your comments on my armchair engineering of a hybird reactor.
>Specifically what I have in mind is the use of a farnsworth fusor to produce sufficient neutron output to radiate an enriched Uranium blanket.

It would have to be an advanced fusor; the wimpy things we build couldn't cut it.

>Such a power plant could be quite small to power a car ar aircraft and of course inherently safe from problems of melt down.

That would be nice. One scientist had a web site with a torroidal plasma fission reactor. Try a web search on plasma fission. I lost the link but here is a link:

(Hawk, Clark W I Plasma Pulsed Power Generator )

There must be an endless variety of MHD plasma fission/fusion schemes. Recently I've been reading about traveling wave reactors. Then there is also thermoacoustics...