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Subject: Re: CF 10
Date: Sep 28, 1:13 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 28, 1:13 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

This happens all the time with surplus CF rotatables!!!!! The ring section is always welded permenantly to the hugh pipe section and goes away with the pipe. The outer flange ring, alone, is salvaged with zero hope of ever obataining another knife edge ring. That is the reason I shun rotatables, though sometimes they are a must.

Sorry 'bout that. The inner knife edge section is the part which fits the hemisphere also! Bummer!

10" surplus CF blank offs are a steal at $100.00 each. You may have to go that way.

Richard Hull

>Help y'all! I just got some 10" conflat bolt rings, the type made for the rotatable fittings, at a surplus price but without the knife edge insert and I thought I could buy just the knife-edge inserts from Duniway or Lesker or someone. Well, it seems one can't do that. Lesker and Duniway (and Varian themselves) all tell me I have to buy the complete unit when I get anything. Suggestions? I can get some used flange blanks for $100 but these are the kind I would have to mill out to 8" to fit on my sphere.