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Subject: Re: HV Feed through
Date: Nov 28, 02:12 am
Poster: Gerald E. Morris

On Nov 28, 02:12 am, Gerald E. Morris wrote:

If you grub around with some electrical contractor supply houses or certain electronics shops, you might be lucky enough to get some porcelain tubing and other such accoutrements. I spent a whopping $0.75 a piece on a 3 such oldies but goodies. Porcelain is good stuff, and can be worked with a sufficiently high speed denture lathe. (I recommend Baldor motors.) You would need a few bits of the sort used normally on false, porcelain teeth. Nice job on the derivation. Richard's inspiration with the spark plugs is pure-dee Confederate Ingenuity at its best! As for me, I have a drawer full of factory made HV feeds to pick and choose from. Owing to the kinda unique design of my vacuum base, I have got away with using Lucite rod just to shield the conductor until it gets into the belljar proper. You might also consider boron nitride. It can usually be scammed up at a university somewhere. I got the vacuum leaks solved in my prototype a little over a week ago and have got something that looks suspiciously like a star mode. Also, whether you use a big spark plug or a ready made HV feed or a stainless steel rod, you might consider drilling the end and tapping a 2-56 machine screw into it to secure, let's say a steel wire. For the time being, I've licked all my virtual leaks as well as the pesky one on the bell jar base. I just hate getting plastic near the grid. On my "smoke test" prototype, I let this happen and the pressure zoomed up to 200 um once as a result.