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Subject: Re: Photomultiplier
Date: Oct 03, 9:05 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 03, 9:05 am, Richard Hull wrote:

The PMT is not damaged if no voltage is applied. However, PMT's have a noise floor and once placed in total darkness and powered up they will be noisey for a few days as the materials inside release the odd photon or two as the various materials "calm down" in the dark. Much of this info is in the RCA Photomultiplier handbook.

I had beautiful Hamamatsu S-11 response PMTs for sale that were absolutely perfect for nuclear apps with full preamps, sockets and wired dynode strings (see former post here offering them for sale). They sold out quickly as folks gobbled them up.

Remember, the tube is just the first step. a very special socket is needed and divider resistor strings and an ultra fast preamp. Then you will need a discriminator and pulse amp combo outside of that. Oh, also a source of about 800-1500 volts and usually a bipolar +/- 15 volt supply. (both very well regulated and noise free.

Richard Hull