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Subject: Fusor, IEC, current work
Date: Nov 29, 10:44 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 29, 10:44 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I have noted early about Miley being the only one currently working with the simple fusor as a viable fusion power source and Mark pointed that out again in his message of the 27th. Bussard is still doing fusion work, but has taken a different tack in his fusor designs.

The Farnsworth/ITT team actually didn't go to the positive gridded system (as we use today) until 4 years into their research. (circa 1962) They worked from the start with a negative grid and the electron cloud confinement (multipaction) idea. (Mark's post noted this as a possibility) Ultimately, they reluctantly gave up on the idea and worked with positive grids thereafter.

Farnsworth knew his machines all used the IEC processes to contain the fusion area. He just used the term "fusor" as a nice "catch phrase" for advertising by ITT, who reluctantly funded the venture.

I have picked up on all this by many interviews with the living researchers. I have a pretty good time line for their researches and about 60 photos of the stuff they were actually working on thanks to the Farnsworth family and a number of the researchers who dove into their private collections. Unfortunately some very nice photos were obtained from the university of Utah for $5.00 per scan on a zip disk. (My total came to $276.00) They are the property of the university photo archives and any one wishing to use one for public display whether for profit or not must pay $50.00 per photo so used, per occassion. (one time use right). Too bad. They have some good stuff.

Richard Hull