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Subject: Re: Neutron detection, 5 (Multiple detectors?)
Date: Oct 04, 1:43 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Oct 04, 1:43 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

> I don't know why this browser of mine posts dual messages and the odd empty one
I think that if you use your back button after posting, you need to go back out off the board and then return.
On PMT's and large screens.... You might find a simple large diameter lens would be a pretty efficient means ot couple a small PMT to the larger screen. The only issue might be if there is a significant amount of UV in the screen's output. Then the lens would seriously attenuate unless it were quartz.

An array of PMT's is a bit of a challenge, but the PS requirements are very modest as to current. Just need to be aware of need for low ripple, since gain is VERY voltage dependent. Matching individual tube gains, though is another story. Need individual voltage controls to get them all set the same.

Dave Cooper