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Subject: Re: Fusor, IEC, current work
Date: Nov 30, 4:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 30, 4:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>The Farnsworth/ITT team actually didn't go to the positive gridded system (as we use today) until 4 years into their research. (circa 1962) They worked from the start with a negative grid and the electron cloud confinement (multipaction) idea. (Mark's post noted this as a possibility) Ultimately, they reluctantly gave up on the idea and worked with positive grids thereafter.

OOPS Can you even believe I have built 3 fusors??
That should be the other way around. We use the negative grided system and Farnsworth's early effort was with a postiive grid system!!!!!!!

At least I got it right when I built mine. It was late and my brain was barely concious.

Richard Hull