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Subject: Re: X-ray film detector
Date: Oct 04, 1:14 pm
Poster: Jones Beene

On Oct 04, 1:14 pm, Jones Beene wrote:

>In fact I did a number of tests and all produced an exposure?
>3. Am 241 Lif and Al Foil Pb foil Boron then X-ray Film

What percent boron was in the foil? If it is significant then you are not measuring neutrons at all as Boron is an amazing n absorber (bigger than a barn, as they say).

You are likely measuring only secondary gammas which will penertrate thin lead. Use a thick piece of lead 1/4 inch or more (or preferably bismuth) and see what happens. Thick Bismuth will shield everthing except neutrons.

Years ago, one could purchase a specifically designed neutron detection film - commonly called neutron witness film (if memeory serves).