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Subject: Second source scintillator plastics
Date: Oct 04, 7:03 pm
Poster: Mark Harriss

On Oct 04, 7:03 pm, Mark Harriss wrote:

Now try and say that quickly three times!.

In my travels on the internet, I found a website for a Ukrainian company making styrene based scintillator plastics. They have some direct substitutes for Bicron products. At any rate I have emailed them requesting information on any fast neutron detection plastics they have. They have requested further information about what I am doing with such materials, so I gave them the URL for this discussion group so they can get some idea of what use it will be put to. With a bit of luck I'll hear from them soon, but here is their
website info http://www.amcrys-h.com/Main_Frame.htm
if anyone wants to take a look and suggest a suitable plastic, maybe shielded with Bismuth as per Jones Beene suggestion for screening, I'd be grateful.

Mark Harriss